Autism can be diagnosed early with the help of AI

Autism can be diagnosed early with the help of AI , Imagine having a super-smart robot friend who can look inside your brain to see how it works. Well, scientists made something like that! This clever robot is so good that it can tell if a little friend might have autism when they are as young as 2 to 4 years old. – koin303

Autism can be diagnosed Special Brain Pictures

Autism diagnosed, Scientists take special pictures of the brain called MRIs. It’s like taking pictures of a superhero’s powerful brain to see how it’s different. With these pictures, the smart robot can do something amazing!

Autism can be diagnosed early with the help of AI

Autism diagnosed: The Superpower of AI

The smart robot is powered by something called Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s like giving the robot a superpower to understand. Things better than anyone else. This new AI system is so cool that it can diagnose autism with super accuracy – 98.5% accuracy, to be exact!

Autism Diagnosed : Big Science Meeting

The scientists who made the smart robot are so proud of it that they want to show it to other scientists. They will have a big meeting called the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) to talk about how amazing their robot. – koin303

Autism The Brain Detective

One scientist named Mohamed Khudri helped create the smart robot. He says the robot is like a detective for the brain. It looks at special brain pictures and finds out if a little friend is different or just like everyone else.

The 3-Stage System

Making the smart robot was not easy. It’s like putting together a puzzle with three parts. The scientists made a three-stage system that looks at special brain scans called DT-MRI. It’s like a superhero’s special glasses that let them see things others can’t.

Watching Water Move

The DT-MRI scans watch how water moves in the brain. It sounds funny, right? But it helps the smart robot see if everything is okay or if there’s something different in the brain. It’s like watching a river to understand how it flows.

Finding the Differences

It looks at pictures and finds markers that show how different parts of the brain are connected. This helps the robot tell if a little friend might have autism.

Autism diagnosed : A Clever Algorithm

The smart robot uses something called an algorithm. It’s like the robot’s brain that helps it learn and understand things. The robot learns from looking at pictures of the brains of little friends with autism and those without.

Robot Friend’s Mission

The robot’s mission is to be a good friend to doctors. It helps them know early if a little friend has autism so they can help them even better. It’s like having a superhero sidekick who always watches out for you.

The Future of Helping Kids

Thanks to the smart robot, doctors can find out about autism early. This means little friends can get the help they need sooner. It’s like making sure every superhero gets the right tools to be their best!

In the world of science and robots, a super-smart robot friend is helping doctors find out about autism early. With its clever AI powers, this robot is like a superhero sidekick for little friends, ensuring they get the right help on their superhero journey!